Dell T3600 powerful gaming and workstation PC build

I’ve been using PC since the early days. Got first one at age 12. Today this might not be something special, but back at those days it kinda was. Those who know what it is Intel 80486 with 33Mhz and 8Mb of RAM will understand me. My PC didn’t even have a sound card, but still playing Doom 2 was something to remember!

One of the more major upgrades was close to school graduation, where I got at that time beast (at least to my eyes) AMD Duron 800Mhz with 256Mb of Ram and Nvidia GeForce 2MX, where I already tried first more modern 3D games like GTA 3. After the Doom 2 graphics were unbelievable!

Then, I have started my studies and PC was inconvenient so I decided to move to the laptop form-factor and stayed with it until basically now.

Gaming was replaced with Xbox 360, then Xbox One, but always I had some secret wish to go back to PC gaming, but that move didn’t have much material rationale… So I never did.

At least, until COVID-19 quarantine began I had plenty of time being at home! And to kill extra time I started growing an idea of building a PC.

I will skip my thinking process, how I ended up with this build, but it was plenty of thinking and calculations to end up with probably the best value for my needs.

I had few criteria initially:

  • Should be cheaper than 500 EUR
  • Should play modern games at high settings at 1080p/60FPS
  • Should be able to serve as a video editing machine for 1440p videos
  • Should be the best value for the buck

I have ended up with this:

All parts were used except HDD and cables/adapters. Here how this thing looks: