30 alcohol-free days: results

So I have started the alcohol-free challenge on February 24, 2020. Here are the results of some statistics I have recorded during my alcohol-free endeavour.

The first is blood pressure (BP), which I care the most as I have diagnosed hypertension. So prior to the experiment, my “normal” blood pressure was ~135 SYS and ~90 DIA (with medicine). During experiment start in one week, it went rapidly down to 118/69, which seemed too low, so starting March 3, I have reduced my medicine dose by 50%. Then BP stabilized ~124/74 SYS/DIA, which looked very normal, as my cardiologist recommended maintain it <135/90.

SYS/DIA blood pressure during 30 alcohol-free days

Next, I looked at my resting heart rate, which previously correlated quite well with my lifestyle. Few drinks more or heavy party and it went up. Few sober days and training – it went rapidly down. So I was curious to see, how it will behave during 30 days challenge.